“And if they are studied at all | it is only to find, | too late, what you thought | were concerns of yours || do not exist.” . — Mark Strand, “Black Maps”

“And like many fierce see-ers, she is also a part-time mystic, for whom intense empiricism is the first step to immanence.”

— Robert Macfarlane in his introduction to Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain

i’ve seen what this phrase refers to; usually up in the mountains, the wind skittering cottony clouds across the sky, shadows racing and changing the landscape constantly

What’s the odd thing we all do, asking a question and digging into memory for the answer? We carry the internet in our pockets, a chained encyclopedia, and we still guess and prod at facts.

“A warning, I thought superstitiously, had been issued to me: that the going would not be easy, and that romanticism would be quickly punished.”

cite, Robert Macfarlane

OH (mom to her two young sons): “You don’t want this but you don’t want him to have it? That’s crazy” Three/four-year-old: “I don’t think so”

Humanity in a nutshell.

“We circled in revel for ages above the Assyrian stream, While Babylon builded her beauty, and faded to dust and to dream. We scattered our laughter on nations— and Troy was a word and a waste, The glory of Carthage was ruined, the grandeur of Rome was effaced!”. . . — The Chant of the Vultures, Edwin Markham